Corcus Elena


Clinic Hours

Monday08:00 -14:00

Tuesday08:00 -14:00

Wednesday08:00 -14:00

Thursday08:00 -14:00

Friday08:00 -14:00

Saturday08:00 -12:00


Врач терапевт клиники «TerraMed»;

The doctor-therapist of clinic «TerraMed»;

The doctor of sciences;

The graduate of the Kishinev State Medical institute (1958);

The local doctor (1958-1968);

Clinical internship in Central institute of expertise of work capacity (Moscow, 1968-1970);

Candidate degree (Moscow, 1971г.);

The senior intern, the head of therapy department of the 1st Municipal Clinic Hospital(1971-1977);

The head of the pulmonology department of the 1st Municipal Clinic Hospital, main pulmonologist City Health Department of Kishinev (1977-1991);

The head of the chair of the faculty and hospital therapy of medical faculty of Transnistrian university (1991-2001);

The doctor- therapist of clinic «Gyne Sourse» (since 2002);

36 scientific publications and methodical recommendations on prophylaxis and treatment of therapeutic diseases.

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