Triboy Lyudmila


Clinic Hours

Monday08:00 -17:30

Tuesday13:00 -20:00

Wednesday08:00 -13:30

Thursday08:00 -13:30

Friday18:00 -20:00



Тhe therapist of acupuncture, the specialist of traditional medicine in clinic «TerraMed»

Graduated Kishinev State Medical Institute (1986);

The internship on the basis of the 4th Municipal Clinic Hospital on specialty therapy (till 1987);

The first aid department doctor in the 1st Consultative polyclinic (1987-1992);

The doctor-acupuncture specialist in the polyclinic of ministry of internal affairs (since 1992).

Specializations and improvements of professional skills:

  • Specialization in acupuncture in Kharkov institute of doctors’ professional skills improvement – 1991;
  • Courses of folk healers -1992;
  • Improvement of professional skills in acupuncture and phytotherapy;
  • Courses of Su-Jok therapy (Moscow Su-Jok Academy)- 1997-2000;
  • Courses of massotherapy and health-improvement massage -1998;
  • Seminars in homeopathy “Practical homeopathy in chronic diseases”, “Mental sleeps- repertorization”, prof. Walter Gluck (Austria)- 1998,1999;
  • Improvement of professional skills in acupuncture and phytotherapy-2001;
    Courses “Ecology of Consciousness” -2000-2004;
  • Conference on phytotherapy –the report “treatment of chronic bronchitis” – 2003;
  • Annual seminars and conferences on homotoxicology: “Acute and chronic inflammatory processes”, “Microcirculation in acute and chronic inflammatory processes” –since 2004, Chisinau, Odessa; 
  • Specialization in homeopathy -2006;
  • Courses of folk healers-2007;
  • Improvement of professional skill “Acupuncture in neurology”-2008