Tujicov Mihail

Specialtydermatologist , ozone therapists

Clinic Hours

Monday09:00 -15:30

Tuesday09:00 -15:30

Wednesday09:00 -15:30

Thursday09:00 -15:30

Friday09:00 -15:30

Saturday09:00 -15:30


The doctor – cosmetician – the ozonotherapist of polyclinic «TerraMed»

The graduate of the Kishinev State Medical institute (1989);

Specialisation in anesthesiology, resuscitation (1990);

The doctor in the military hospital, Moscow (1990-1997);

Specialization on dermatovenerology in Kishinev (1998);

The doctor-dermatologist of medical centre “ASB” (1999);

Improvement of professional skill on “Ozonotherapy ” in Setchenov Medical Academy in Moscow (1999);

The representative of Russian Association of ozonotherapists in Moldova (2000);

Improvement of professional skill on ” Pathogenetic bases of ozonotherapy” in Russian Medical Academy (2002)

The participant of the second International symposium on aesthetic medicine, Moscow (2003);

The participant of the second scientific-practical conference “Actual directions of aesthetic medicine” (2004);

Institute of improvement of professional skill and retraining of executives and specialists in energomineralotherapy, Minsk, Belarus (2004);

Specialisation on dermatovenerology in Kishinev (2006);

Specialisation on ” Infections transmitted in sexual way ” (2006);

Representative of the Association of ozonotherapists of Moldova (2007).

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